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The sauna is a place that cannot be clearly assigned, a place in limbo. All are equally vulnerable and they resolve

Attributes that we use in everyday life to differentiate ourselves from others. It is a place for communication and exchange.

In addition to the psychological aspect of relaxation, the physical aspect is in no way inferior to it. After the hot sauna session

dripping wet, went straight to the Avanto (ice hole) to cool off properly.


From 120 degrees in seconds to 3 degrees cold water, all the pores contract and the heartbeat slows down abruptly. There is much

uncovered skin, a free feeling and a constant confrontation, on my part, with the body. \r\nI deal in

my work very much with my body, my feelings and the associated problematic aspects, such as mental ones

Health and Body Image Issues. Going to the sauna fascinates me and has a healing effect on me.

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