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Since 2020:      Graphic assistant to Martin Gredler in the graphic workshop in the Traklhaus 

Since 2020:      Member of the artist collective Gruppe19

2019 – 22:      University Mozarteum Salzburg, master's degree in art education in the painting class of Dieter Kleinpeter and Agnes Scherer

2019 – 22:      University of Salzburg, master's degree in psychology and philosophy

2015 – 19:      University Mozarteum Salzburg, bachelor's degree in art education in Dieter Kleinpeter's painting class

2015 – 19:      University of Salzburg, bachelor's degree in psychology and philosophy

solo exhibitions

2021:          “Sweating”, Sompasuna, Helsinki

2021:           Trapping influences, Taiteilijatalo Gjurtars, Vantaa

2021:          "The Not and the Being", Center of Meaning, Salzburg

2021:          “Green Velvet”, Das Zimmer Gallery, Salzburg

2020:          "I don't have to do what you like", Galerie im KunstWerk, Salzburg

2019:           "Pink cloud & other hustle and bustle", MARK Salzburg, Salzburg

2019:          "INTIMATE VIEW", Gallery Das Zimmer, Salzburg

2018:           "More rice, please", Gallery RYMD, Reykjavik

2018:           "I CANNOT COMPLAIN", gallery in KunstWerk, Salzburg


Scholarships & Stay Abroad

2021:          AIR Program Scholarship for Vantaa/Finland – August 2021

2020/21:       Working grant from the state of Salzburg for 3 months

2020:          International Summer Academy Salzburg, course: Tobias Pils

2019:          4-month studio grant for Vienna

2018:          Winter semester 2018, Erasmus study abroad for Reykjavik in Iceland at the Iceland University of the Arts

2016:          International Summer Academy Salzburg, course: Tex Rubinowitz (Sonja Bendel) - "Homage"


group exhibitions 

2022:          "Memory", Pro arte, Hallein

2021:          "We are 6 international students and try to survive", Tasku Gallery, Helsinki

2021:          "Sexuality", screening and art show - curated by Natalie Eliasson, Uniarts Helsinki, Finland

2021:          “be my guest”, City Gallery Lehen, Salzburg

2021:           "Tableau Vivant" Periscope (collaboration with Kathrin Rhomberg & Hartmut Kiewert), Salzburg

2021:          "Supergau" - Performance Group 19 for the opening of the exhibition 2021, Salzburg-Flachgau

2020:          "Cross-section. An Approach”, online performance Gruppe19 (Galerie Das Zimmer) Salzburg

6th-8th 8.2020: "Expanding Context" art festival group exhibition as Gruppe 19, MARK Salzburg

2020:          "Common Ground", annual exhibition of the Kunstverein Salzburg -Museumpavillon & Künstlerhaus Salzburg

2020:           "Through the rough to the stars", performance as group 19, gallery 5020, Salzburg

2020:          "Silent Post", collaboration with Tina Graf, Galerie im KunstWerk, , Salzburg

2019:          “Paths to Many Places”, Salzburg Art Association, Salzburg

2019:           "Ottematique", gallery in the Traklhaus (studio), Salzburg

2018:           "Viddir", Icelandic University of the Arts - 2nd year semester-end, Reykjavik

2018:          “Anti-Ego”, Das Zimmer Gallery, Salzburg

2017 - 18:      "aHead", house no. 18, Dreifaltigkeitsgasse 18, with my ceramic series Salzburg

2017:          "Litho. Stone. Paper.”, Gallery in the work of art, Salzburg

2017:          "What Remains", Rupprechtstrasse 32 Salzburg, Salzburg

2017:          Cooperation of the departments of the University Mozarteum Salzburg, Baroque Museum, Salzburg

2017:          "Border Crossing | Border Crossings", gallery in Porcia Castle, Carinthia

2016 - 19:      University Mozarteum Salzburg, Tour 2016 - 19, Salzburg



2019: Book cover design: Styx Hades: sweet love, hard boiled, a love story by Sloppy-Ray Hasselhoff

2019: Invitation to the radio: Radiofabrik/MARK-Radio, May 15, 2019, broadcast duration: 59:25 minutes (source:

2017: Autumn issue MOSAIK 2017, 4 double pages

Attended courses at the Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts

2020:          Tobias Pils (Michael Horsky) – "Untitled"

2016:          Tex Rubinowitz (Sonja Bendel) - "Homage"

2014:          Charlotte Cullinan (Sigfried Zaworka) - "There's still a lot to learn at Saturn"

2012:          Milena Dragicevic (Sigfried Zaworka, Charlotte Cullinan) - "Femme fatale"

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