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Figures tell stories


111 words about my work


Have courage, keep honesty, be aware, consciousness, body, physical, psychological, stable, be passionate, let your imagination free, sex, sexual, sensitive, clever, play on words, be calm, serenity, wholeness, see myself as a whole, individually , Women, transparency, gender, feel good, feel, whole body, feel good, openness, fear, harmony, carefree, greedy, attentive, figures, stories, structure, colors, brushstrokes, rough, lines, like, expression, wanting new, emotional , interpret, color mix, oil, canvas, fear, mistake, paint over, ask questions, self-resonance, reference, be an artist, reflection, create, create, invent, mix, technology, paint, print, brush, write, read, see, be amazed, feel yourself, own body, without a plan, perspective, shape, let go, tunnel vision, focus, focus, allow myself freedom, irony, title, trend-setting, finding, self-discovery, motive, energy, mood, R icht;


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