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Das Nicht und das Sein


For me as an artist, it is important to gather inspiration from my immediate environment and my own emotional world. In these paintings, the respective setting in which I find myself is important. This can be when I'm travelling, in the studio or where I'm working and drawing/painting.

The pictorial objects on the canvas, for example the person(s) or the object, become subjective carrier(s) of meaning. The picture objects complete the action frame, the boundaries are explored and achieve independence. The pictorial space and the imaginary body become one. My works of art reflect my world of thoughts through the titles. Another level of meaning of the pictures always leaves a lot of leeway, so that the viewers can also empathize.

The environment changes, we change, spaces open, spaces close. The emergence and descent of figures indicates an interaction with the viewer on the one hand and within the picture on the other. At the same time, however, the picture does not form a clearly legible story, but keeps the viewer (deliberately) at a distance. The body used as a medium reflects an emotional coming together and moving away from each other. The confrontation with longings and an interplay of closeness and distance allow bodily sensations to become visual.

The question of identity is raised and reflected through the painterly expression, which adheres to courage, self-discovery and through holistic interest in the body. The unconscious is understood as a pure painterly level of communication.

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